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Highly Profitable,Trendy Lounge & Bar For Sale.

Busy, Manager run Lounge, Restaurant & Bar.

Situated in the lively hub of one of  Johannesburg busy township, a fancy dining spot and lounge,  this business has made significant waves since its establishment in 2020. Not only does it promise a god time  experience to its guests, but it also presents an unparalleled business opportunity with an impressive return on investment. As the owner looks to immigrate with his family, this thriving lounge & bar is ready for a new captain to steer its continued success to fast wealth.

Business Overview:

  • Quick Success Story: Despite being a relatively new player, established in 2020, this business rapid growth and popularity speaks volumes about its quality and business acumen, with over 100,000 followers on social media.
  • Stellar Revenue Stream: With a staggering monthly turnover of R 2,500,000 and an enticing net profit of R 380,000, this business  has proven to be a profitable venture in a short span.
  • Team of Experts: Boasting a large staff of 52  skilled employees, to ensures top-tier service, culinary expertise, and operational efficiency at all times.
  • Smooth Transition Assured: The seller has solid evidence of the business financial records, promising to guide and train the new owner for a seamless transition.

Business Specifics:

  • Ample Space: The spacious 720 m² establishment ensures a comfortable experience for patrons and efficient operations.
  • Secure Lease Terms: A 5-year lease term and a monthly rental of R 150,000 offer stability and clarity, ensuring the new owner can focus on growth and innovation. lease is negatable.

Manager Operated and Profitable:

  • Personal Oversight: The business success can be attributed to the owner minimum operational involvement-model, guaranteeing for the new owner quality  and sufficient time control.
  • Robust Profitability: A consistent monthly net profit of R 3800,000 makes this business not just a gastronomic but also a financial delight.

For those aspiring to make their mark in this type of business, this business promises not just a rich culinary journey but also a robust financial future. It’s an opportunity to continue a legacy of excellence, with ample room for personal innovation and growth.

R 8,000,000
Reason for Selling: Owner Immigrating
Year Established: 2020
Number of Employees: 52
Monthly Turnover: R 2,500,000
Monthly Net Profit: R 380,000
Monthly Payroll Expense: R 1,200,000
Movable Assets Value: R 3000,000
Stock Value: R 400,00
Owner Operated Business: No
This is a Frenchise Business: No
Property Included in The Sale: No
Seller Will Assist / Train buyer: Yes
Business is Profitable: Yes
Size: 700 m 2
Lease Term: Negotiable
Monthly Rental: R 150,000

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Highly Profitable,Trendy Lounge & Bar For Sale.